Saturday, April 30, 2022


Some recent work from the past month: 

 Sun pendant, silver with sapphires. 

Hummingbird gold pendant 

Hummingbird Gold & Diamond Pendant 

Hummingbird Pendant gold & abalone shell

Bear Bracelet, silver with oxidization

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Eagle is the most respected and revered of animals among all the Native American & Canadian Indigenous people. Their feathers are used in our ceremonial regalia and are always treated with reverence.

Eagle ring - silver, gold & diamond


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The first side of the Raven Bentwood Style Box is complete. Sterling silver & 24K gold inlay.


Raven had a son who was abducted by Thunderbird. Raven and the Myth People made a whale from a giant cedar and coated it with pitch. They put it in the ocean and when the Thunderbird tried to grasp the whale in its talons, they stuck to the pitch, and Thunderbird his four children were drowned. Raven, always the clever one, had his revenge. 


The Mother Earth transformation mask is finished at last! The outer mask represents the earth in its earlier, pristine condition. The inner mask represents it today.